About the artist

One of the most significant artists of his generation, with a career spanning over thirty years, David Hammons maintains an elusive and enigmatic presence within the international art world. Whether reflecting on the lived experience of urban life in New York, or the machinations of the contemporary art world at large, David Hammons’ work is inflected with an acerbic sense of humour, poetry and play. Hammons is known as much for his challenging modus operandi as for his distinctive use of the readymade and performance. His practice treads a thin line between complicity and critique, problematising notions of the artist, race and visibility.

Exhibitions featuring David Hammons include: Phat Free (2004), The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia; Outside of a Dog, Paperback and other books by artists (2003/ 2004), Baltic, The Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead; Concerto in Black and Blue (2003), Ace Gallery, New York; Antipodes (2002) White Cube, London; Global Fax Festival (2000), Palacio de Cristal, Madrid; Blues and the Abstract Truth (1997), Kunsthalle, Bern; The Whitney Biennial (1997), New York; Ripple Across the Water (1995)





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